The Internal Quality Assurance Unit at the Institute of European Studies (IES) is a cross-academic supportive structure with an administrative character, which has operational autonomy and access to all the Institute's data. This unit is subordinate to the Director and consists of: Dr. Elena Polo (lecturer), Dr. Noela Mahmutaj (lecturer) and Uendi Belba (student).  

The Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) at IES has the following functions:

  • To implement the policy of the University for quality assurance, cooperating closely with the QAU of Tirana University (TU) and those of other main units to exchange experiences and participate in joint trainings organized either by TU or by the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education (QAAHE);
  • To plan the internal evaluation process in the framework of the institutional evaluation and that of the study programs, as well as to assist the internal quality evaluation team for the preparation of the final report;
  • To organize periodic monitoring and evaluation activities throughout the academic year, according to an annual plan or calendar drawn up in advance for each academic year;
  • To assess and evaluate periodically the results of teaching, research and administrative activities;
  • To organize the student evaluation process for the quality of teaching, in accordance with the appointed calendar, at the end of each semester or before the exam season;
  • To prepare the annual report for quality assurance in IES;
  • To carry out tracking studies to evaluate the progress of student employment in the labor market and the efficiency of the programs offered;
  • To organize activities for quality improvement, such as trainings with the internal evaluation team, with academic and administrative staff, as well as with students;
  • To share the best quality assurance practices with all actors of IES;
  • To inform IES actors and the public about the results of monitoring, assessment and accreditation through different forms and channels of communication;
  • To create, enrich and maintain the system of processing and storage of internal monitoring and evaluation data;
  • To record the results of all monitoring, evaluations and accreditations of IES as well as those of specific programs.