This master programme offers an in-depth approach for understanding the multiple dimensions of the EU as a global actor. Courses taught in this programme include the institutional framework of the EU covering international role and the main components of EU policy abroad. Theoretical concepts on diplomacy are presented in an interdisciplinary format and are complemented by case studies and a more practical approach. The aim of the programme is to deepen knowledge in the area of EU diplomacy and to strengthen capacities for individuals who want to engage in this area for their professional career. This master programme is particularly helpful for candidates who seek to start or advance in a diplomatic career, international organizations or projects, civil society, journalism, etc.

Ky program master është veçanërisht i dobishëm për kandidatët që kërkojnë të fillojnë ose avancojnë në një karrierë diplomatike, në organizata ose projekte ndërkombëtare, në organizata të shoqërisë civile, gazetari, etj.

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