Why should you choose the Institute of European Studies at UT?

Nowadays, the opportunities for education are not good and any of the young people can choose to continue their second cycle studies in various local HEIs (public/non-public) or even abroad.

But we suggest you come to ISE, UT for these reasons:

1. Diploma of an employment business, issued by the first and largest public university in the country;

2. Our academic offer and the curriculum of Master's programs that have not been of an excellent treaty and orientation of the latest development in the field of European integration of the country;

3. Mastery curriculum that is not registered and based on some best western stories as well as our many years of experience;

4. Benefits from the scholarship system (reduction of fees) for high and high standards;

5. Opportunity to benefit from student exchange programs (eg Erasmus+) with partner universities;

6. Opportunities for activities dedicated to knowledge and the promotion of their best values and skills;

7. Opportunity to be part of courses with foreign or local lecturers;

8. A quiet and friendly environment for telephony;

9. Facilities at work;

10. Multidisciplinarity;

11. Opportunities for greater social inclusion of students.


The office offers it

Due to the organization of university houses, ISE structure with the Directorate of Public and Student Relations, at the levels of the UT Rectorate, which has the task of covering all the public and students, the management of information that is distributed through the media and social networks , curating and improving the image, as well as communication between students for the sake of organizing student life in the main units of the university.

The system is to cover aspects of public communication and other partners. This can be done through traditional media, information technology, online services, etc. the goals of promoting the values of the university, organizing and improving communication between students at the faculty level or between different universities, inside and outside the country.

By consulting different countries, we you can see some information about the opportunities that they are among the partners offers, e.g. trainings, various activities, internships, professional practice and employment opportunities for interviews, how to do one, present a CV, etc.

The remote sector with students in this directorate at the Rectors has the task of covering the organization of student life, the supervision and promotion of cultural, sports, environmental events, etc., to create vitality and activism among them. So ISE created with this structure in relation to the career and data orientation in relation to the studies of the programs that I have oriented.

The system is not only the participation in various activities at the university, but also to promote the University of Tirana not only as a center of higher education but also as an active youth center.


Where can you consult before the final choice of study program?

For more detailed information, you can get it at the rectory near the Student Relations Sector, but also at ISE. With us, you will get to know more concretely the programs of the second cycle that you should not have but also of the third cycle, their structure, the tastes and the perspective for the requirements that follow a master's in European studies, the documentation that is for registration, the fees etc.

The curriculum of this program is oriented towards interdisciplinarity, thus making more choice and variety of courses.

Teaching is done by leading sources in their fields and professors with rich teaching and professional work. Teaching by professors from different faculties of UT, of different disciplines, lessons in small manageable groups, teaching learning a special environment and an individual more for interactivity.

ISE & UT also uses platforms that identify to provide information to Students and anyone interested in getting to know the institute, the goals and objectives they do, the activities that are organized, initiatives and projects, etc

UT offers online information that students use to get to know people, reflect on work and activities, provide information and announcements, etc. Social media is no longer used and ISE has its official website ww.ise.edu.al where they can go for any necessary information but also social networks such as facebook.






The registration process in the Master's cycle is done every year based on special instructions issued by MAS. For enrollment in the second cycle of Master of Science studies, students must appear at the institution to apply for one of the master's programs we offer. After the application, the selection and registration process takes place on a date determined by the MAS instructions.

Get more detailed information by contacting us directly at ISE or through the online platform, where you will find the updated and necessary information for this orientation.

The concrete documentation that must be submitted by the candidate, the deadline and the selection procedure are part of an important process that guarantees legality, transparency, non-discrimination and equality in decision-making.

Currently, a section on the ISE website dedicated only to students and their orientation and information, as well as on the Facebook social network, where information about students, the activities that take place and other important information about the learning process and academic activity is constantly distributed. in UT.


Why counseling is important for students


We all need counseling at a certain stage of life and more so students who need to be better oriented to choose the right direction, to take the necessary steps that better orient them to the master studies they want to perform. Counseling enables the student to receive valuable guidance in order to be oriented towards solving a problem and to succeed in any phase of life.

Like any other person, students also need the right guidance to choose a study program, but also a career in which they can adapt and orient themselves as best as possible in the labor market.

Thus, we can say that counseling has a great importance in the life of a student which helps him to progress in his career and in life.

Counseling helps students to better orient themselves not only in the university environment but also beyond.

ISE graduates continue to be an important part of our community even after they graduate. Continuous learning, common interests, common connections, etc., make our alumni community an added value of the institution and its degree.

Thanks to the continuous cooperation with various public or private institutions, subjects and organizations, we have provided students with opportunities for employment in the Albanian labor market. Our alumni community consists of a large number of graduates that grows every year, of which over 80% are employed in various public or private sectors.