– Partnership with local and European institutions. The exchange process of ISE-through the approach of UT academics and European experts in the field of studies and European integration. The academic personnel engaged in this program are with long academic and practical experience, experts, and recognized professionals in their fields, while unrepresented among the figures, there are professionals with the highest level in the ranks of the academic staff of UT, but also in Curonian universities. A number of cooperation agreements have been signed and some are nearing finalization except for those where ISE is included as the main unit of UT. Among them we would mention the agreement with the Faculty of Social Sciences, Bmo University, Czech Republic; People's Advocate (19.02.2021), Public Procurement Agency; The relevant Directorate of Industrial Property, as previously agreed, the agreements with the Ministry for Europe and Ancient Affairs are in the final stages. College of Europe, Belgium (in progress); University of Molisc. Italy (in progress). These agreements aim at cooperation for the design of study curricula, teaching, summer school and joint activities; exchange in media, exchange of staff and students; supporting the various internships for students, motivating them in the various applications they make; conception and implementation of joint study programs in the field of European-Balkan studies, such as on the 14E project. ISE has already won: Jean Monnet Chair, whose head is dr. Gentian Elezi "Building capacities for inclusiveness and ownership in the EU accession process of Albania-OwnEU". with the aim of raising capacities and deepening knowledge in the process of European integration. Jean Monnet Module. whose leader is prof.as.dr. Eglantina Gishti llannonization and nonnalization of the terminology within the EU Integration context (HNTEUI)", aiming to create a database and enable human capacities in the harmonization and standardization of terminology in the context of EU integration.

He is a partner in the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence (FFIF) "Europeanization of Public Policies in Shqip-Cri". As well. two continuing training courses were held:

"EU Integration - Background & Perspective" continuing training course (3 ECTS). with Professor Hubert Petit, former deputy ambassador of the EU in Tirana, "Doctor Horis Causa" of the University of Tirana. March - April 2020, organized by the Institute of European Studies (Coordinator - dr. Nocla Mahmuiaj) Summer School - EU meets China, Undcrstanding thc EU-China Relationship". October 11-25, 2021. organized by ISE, in cooperation with the Confucius Institute" (Coordinator Dr. Doris Malaj). Also, ISE organizes numerous round tables, scientific conferences, open lectures with the participation of the best local and European professors and experts, thanks to the close cooperation with diplomatic representations of international organizations. in Tirana, such as: European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE, etc. All of these serve the better ability of students and the professional preparation of students for a better approach to the labor market and its demands.