The library is equipped with:

Books in hard copy (printed), Periodicals, CDs & Titles.

Books in Albanian language titles: about 65% of the fund

Books in foreign language titles: about 35% of the fund

Periodicals in Albanian and foreign languages (English, French, Italian) approximately 67 physical titles.


The library for Ise has a capacity of 25 places and an area of about 30m2. The library has a catalog of electronic books in foreign languages which has hundreds of book titles based on study programs and which helps students based on their academic interests. 

Also, online libraries such as: JSTOR (part of UT's agreement with AADF), COBISS+, etc., are available to students and staff alike.

The JSTOD digital library offers a wide range of publications with over 12 million academic journal articles, 85,000 books and 2 million documents in 75 disciplines. Online access to this library can also be done through the official personal e-mail. This fund is accessible to ISE students, as part of UT, see:

For the field of European Studies, this digital library fully contains about 701600 academic journals, about 7745 e-books (e-books_, 8169 books, about 25000 reports and research studies, 6773 dissertation theses, etc. published in the last 21 years .

The COBISS+ digital library represents an organizational model of joining libraries in a national library information system with common cataloging. It is also accessible to ISE staff and students, see:

Here they can find materials that are cataloged in Albanian libraries. This database contains bibliographic records for books, materials, monographs, titles, series, etc. For example, from these materials, about 482 titles belong to social sciences.