The Master of Science Study Program in "European Legislation and Institutions" is offered by the Department of EU Legislation and Policies at the Institute of European Studies (ISE), UT, and is designed in accordance with the applicable higher education legislation in force, the Statute of the University of Tirana and other UT regulatory acts.

The Master of Science study program "European Legislation and Institutions" aims to contribute to increasing the professional quality of students, deepening their knowledge in the field of European legislation and European institutions, to continue and advance their professional career in the field of European studies.

The Msc study program in "European Legislation and Institutions" has clearly defined its objectives, and it aims to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of European institutions and legislation, as well as to be able to face the labor market needs. This study program aims to provide knowledge and professional skills necessary for the students of this program, to increase their professional competence, as well as to interweave their academic-theoretical and methodological training with the practice and expertise of the field and to develop the ability to team work.

work. This study program has been designed taking into account the needs of the labor market and the development of the country, in accordance with the orientation of Albania on the path towards European integration and the trends of regional developments and beyond. One of the goals is to increase the professional quality of students of the second cycle of Msc. studies, who want to continue their professional career in the field of European law and institutions.

The program contains teaching-didactic activities of theoretical training, acquisition of research methodology, realized through teaching modules, independent work, essays/papers as part of the requirements in certain subjects of this program, practice and case law, etc. These activities are clearly related to the formative objectives of the study program, and in coherence with the needs of the labor market for specialists of European studies.

Students attending this study program have the opportunity to be employed or continue their professional career in a range of sectors or agencies, institutions (either domestic and/or foreign ones) related to the application of European legislation and European institutions.

This study program aims to:

a. Equip graduates with in-depth knowledge of European Union law and Institutions, as well as interweave their academic theoretical and methodological training with practice and expertise in the field and develop the ability for teamwork;

b. Encourage and enable students to form their own views and generate analysis on important issues of the European integration processes;

c. Provide knowledge on the foundation of the European Union, the evolution of European institutions and the complexities and dynamics that influence the process of EU integration;

ç. Equip graduates with specific scientific and methodological knowledge in European Union Law and relevant disciplines, necessary for them to carry out independent research work, as well as in the presentation and publication of their achievements.

It provides opportunities for students who want to pursue the study program of the third cycle in the field of European studies, to respond to the needs for European integration specialists and to increase the teaching and research level comparable to the standards of Western universities.

This study program is part of the second cycle “Master of Science” programs, with 120 ECTS, belongs to the 7th level of the Albanian Qualification Framework, and is conceived in accordance with the standards and principles of the European Higher Education Area.

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